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Fast Create DVD Menu with DVD Burner

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What Is DVD Menu?

When you burn a DVD disc for back-up or creation, you may need a menu for DVD movie navigation. DVD menu is a menu of your DVD movies. It will list the main process or the chapter details of your DVD movie and pop up immediately after you insert your DVD disc into driver. Usually there are navigation buttons on the menu for you play a title or a chapter of the movies on the disc.

Generally, you can add pictures, movies, sound, music and more to DVD menu. There are a lot of DVD menu creator in market. They give you more freedom of button designing. The nice DVD menu can give you wonderful feeling before movie starting.

Sothink DVD Burner not only pre-makes dozens of DVD menu templates with great design, but also offers editing function for you to customize your DVD menu by your own. For example, you can add title text for your chapters, set playback and so on. Using this DVD menu maker to create DVD menu is the simplest and best solution for your DVD navigation.

How to Create DVD Menu with DVD Burner?

Here introduces the simplest way to make DVD menu with Sothink DVD Burner from the pre-designed DVD menu templates.

Well, first let’s see what the DVD menu created by the DVD menu maker looks like:

DVD Menu

The nice looking menu background is just selected from a DVD menu template of DVD Burner, and the title and button content are both editable.

To make a DVD menu like the one above, just do three simple steps: select a menu template, add title text and create.

How easy it could be exactly?

Launch the DVD burner software, add video files and do some video to DVD conversion settings. Then go to “DVD Menu” .

Step1. Select DVD Menu Template

The DVD menu will display before the movies in the DVD. It can show the DVD title, movies chapters' thumbnails and other information.

In DVD Menu panel, there are four setting items in the DVD Menu panel: General, Title, Button and Playback.

Click item “Template” and it appears an arrow for clicking. Select a menu template from the drop down list. Here we choose “Pallens”.

You can also set your own picture as the background image and add background music.

Click item "BG image" and it appears a button leading to open a folder which saves program background images for the menu in your PC. The image file should be of JPEG, GIF and PNG. And the image size is suggested to be 720*480 or its multiple, which will be zoomed into 720*480 by the DVD burner.

Click item "BG audio" and it appears a button leading to open a folder which saves program background audios for the menu in your PC. The audio could be of MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. You may also specify a video file here, and the program will automatically absorb the audio from the file.

Click item "Duration" and input numbers here to specify the duration (seconds) of the menu.

Note: If you do not do any setting under DVD Menu, DVD Burner will automatically create DVD menu with default settings. And if you do not need any menu, you may just select "No menu" from Templates list. You may preview the template selected in the bottom preview window.

Step2. Add Title & Button Text

Under item “Title”, click “Font” and it appears a button leading to open a dialog for setting the title font, size, color, etc. Here we set font as “Tahoma”, size as 36. Then click “Title text” to input title text. Here we input “The Big Bang Theory” to replace the default text “My DVD”.

Note: The title could be empty.

“Button” is for identifying every movie chapter. Select a video in the file list and set the button text and font for it.

DVD Menu Title

It also could set how the DVD disc plays when ending. Click “After playing current video” and choose “Play next video” from the drop up list. As for “After playing last video”, we choose “Back to first menu”, which means going back to the first page of the DVD menu.

Step3. Create DVD Menu

When navigation is customized, videos and DVD disc are ready, it’s time to create DVD menu, which will be done during DVD burning.

On the user-interface, click button “Burn” in Toolbar and start video to DVD conversion. After that, Sothink DVD Burner starts to create DVD menu:

Create DVD Menu

When burning is completed, you may immediately play your DVD disc and the first view will be the DVD menu you designed.

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